Theradiag TRACKER – leaders in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Theradiag is the market leader in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) with assays validated and supported by the pharmaceutical industry.

Why use Theradiag TRACKER for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

  • Pioneer and expert in TDM of biotherapies
  • Unique TDM menu with 12 different kits available for drug and anti-drug antibodies
  • Full coverage of biotherapies used in IBD, but also other chronic inflammatory diseases and oncology
  • Accurate quantitative measurement of drug and anti-drug antibodies
  • Easy-to-use with standardized protocols from sample collection to result interpretation
  • Clinically validated with measurement ranges tailored to induction and maintenance treatment phases
  • Flexible kit formats:
    • Easy-to-implement ELISA kits validated on automated platforms (DS2, DSX, Evolis, etc.)
    • Fully automated CLIA kits on random-access i-Track10 analyser
  • Validated on biosimilars
  • Validated and supported by the pharmaceutical industry
  • Validated in accordance with the WHO international standards
  • TRACKER kits included in a large number of studies and publications

Theradiag and the Scientific approach to TRACKER for use in TDM

  • Therapeutic Drug monitoring helps physicians to make rational therapeutic decisions during the course of the disease and to support the proper use of drugs
  • Proactive and reactive TDM during treatment induction and maintenance to maximize the clinical benefits of biotherapies while minimizing side effects
  • TDM approach leads to major cost savings in healthcare settings compared to a clinically based approach
  • Update on the latest data available for therapeutic windows for all molecules used in IBD
  • TRACKER kits included in a large number of studies and publications