In a context of increased regulatory requirements for the quality control in the laboratories, Theradiag assists you by offering a full range of quality control tools for the monitoring of the performances of your diagnostic test in autoimmunity.

Flacons Immunotrol

IMMUNO-TROL: Unique multi-parametric quality control in autoimmunity

IMMUNO-TROL are unique multi-parametric precision controls in autoimmunity. They are intended to ensure daily control assessment of a range of autoimmune immunoassay methodologies (DOT, ELISA and FIDIS).

Liquid controls and ready to use, they allow validation and monitoring of your techniques over time as well as the control of your analytic systems performance. These controls are universals and independent of the reagents used.  These autoimmune QCs are now availabke in 14 different products in a convenient format of 2 x 0,5 ml and are covering the main autoimmune parameters.

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External Quality Assessment – QC Production

Theradiag also have a recognized knowledge in producing tailored QC for EQA companies, feel free to contact us for any specific demands.