Theranostics, a major innovation in biotherapy monitoring

Currently, 70% of new medications are biotherapies and it seems crucial to determine precisely and objectively the patient response to a treatment.

Beyond simple diagnostics, theranostics is intended to give clinicians the means to implement a treatment customized for each patient while controlling the efficacy of the treatment by anticipating therapeutic escape and other secondary effects inherent in these biotherapies.

Theranostics tests thus constitute a new approach for monitoring these biotherapies, and a significant advance in the development of an individualized treatment and a better use of the drug.



Our approach is fully consistent with the current state of the health sector, in offering tests that allow a more judicious use of innovative but particularly  expensive treatments.

Theradiag is the first diagnostics company to offer a complete solution for patients treated with anti-TNF alpha. Lisa-Tracker kits are the first CE marked reagents of an innovative line of products with high medical value.

With its CE marked TRACKER kits, Theradiag is the first diagnostic company to offer a comprehensive solution with strong medical value for the follow up of patients treated with biologics.