There are only a very few companies that, like Theradiag, are able to apply a complementary dual profile. As both a distributor and a biotech company, we can thus offer a wide range of skills to meet customer demand.

Through internal development and the marketing of new theranostics product ranges, we offer our expertise to serve clinicians and patients.

Originally conceived as a distributor of diagnostic products, for more than 25 years Theradiag has developed distribution expertise in very specific products in over 30 countries, through a global network of high-quality partners.

The expertise of a biotechnology company

As a pioneer in developing kits based on multiplex Xmap technology, licensed from Luminex since 1999, Theradiag has gained expertise ranging from the development and production of innovative diagnostic kits to the commercialization of IVD products (CE- and FDA-approved).

For the last years, Theradiag has offered this experience in the field of theranostics and the monitoring of biotherapies for autoimmune diseases.

A quality business on a human scale

Quality, reliability, responsiveness, and service are the key goals of our company, allowing us to gain the confidence of numerous private and public laboratories.

Our attentive and competent teams are always available to provide you with the services that best meet your requirements.

  • Team of more than 20 employees in R&D, manufacturing and industrialization
  • Hot line service
  • A team of instrument application and customer service engineers
  • Approved training for technicians and biologists, allowing them to quickly master newly developed technologies (Luminex®, ELISA, Dot)
  • Business ISO 13485 certified by the G-MED (LNE Group)