LISA TRACKER – A tool of choice for the Monitoring of Biotherapies in ELISA

  • Unique TDM menu with 12 different kits available for drug and anti-drug antibodies
  • Full coverage of biotherapies used in IBD, but also other chronic inflammatory diseases and oncology
  • Accurate quantitative measurement of drug and anti-drug antibodies
  • Easy-to-use with standardized protocols from sample collection to result interpretation
  • Clinically validated with measurement ranges tailored to induction and maintenance treatment phases
  • Easy-to-implement ELISA kits validated on automated platforms (DS2, DSX, Evolis, etc.)
  • Validated on biosimilars
  • Validated and supported by the pharmaceutical industry
  • Validated in accordance with the WHO international standards
  • LISA TRACKER kits included in a high number of studies and publications
LTx 005 LISA TRACKER Duo Drug + ADAb2 x 48 tests
LTx 002-48  LISA TRACKER Drug48 tests
LTx 003-48  LISA TRACKER Anti-Drug48 tests
 LTT 004-96  LISA TRACKER TNF96 tests
x = Infliximab/ Adalimumab/ Etanercpt/ Certolizumab Pegol/ Golimumab/ Rituximab/ Secukinumab/ Tocilizumab/ Bevacizumab/ TRastuzumab/ Ustekinumab/Vedolizumab
  • Un menu de monitoring unique avec 12 kits différents disponibles pour les tests de dosage du médicament et des anti-corps / anti-médicament
  • La couverture complète des biothérapies utilisées dans les MICI, mais également dans d’autres maladies