Founded in 1986 by two former employees of Abbott France, Theradiag has been dedicated, at first, to distributing in vitro diagnostics, specifically for autoimmune diseases. The main stages of Theradiag’s development are the following:


IPO of the company on NYSE Alternext on December 11th, 2012.

BMD becomes Theradiag.


Patent filing for the monitoring of the treatment of autoimmune diseases by anti-TNFα, through multiple bio markers.


Appointment of Michel Finance as Theradiag’s Chief Executive Officer.


Launch by BMD in France, as part of an exclusive partnership, of two genetic and oncogenetic products supplied by the U.S. company Asuragen, expert in molecular biology and microARN technology.


CE marking of the first Lisa-Tracker kit to monitor the treatment of autoimmune diseases by anti-TNFα.


First financial support by OSEO Innovation, through a reimbursable fund of €550,000, for the development of a multi-parametric monitoring system for treatment of autoimmune diseases by anti-TNFα.
Initial growth of the Company in theranostics under the strategic industrial innovation plan, TRACKER, carried out in partnership with the French biotech company Neovacs. As part of OSEO Innovation’s support, BMD has already received some €1.5 million (in subsidies and reimbursable advances), notably to develop a universal solution to monitor the treatment of autoimmune diseases.


Awarded  “Innovative Company” for three years for its Innovation Mutual Funds (FCPI), by OSEO Innovation


Commercial launch of FIDIS™, a line of autoimmune kits based on Luminex’s Multiplex technology and automated instruments.


First fund-raising from venture capitalists to finance the Company’s growth.

Expansion of its international distribution network by creating an export department and signing its first distribution partnerships.


Signing of a development and sub-contracting agreement with the U.S. company Luminex to allow BMD to use Multiplex technology to develop an in house range of diagnostic materials and kits for autoimmune diseases diagnosis.


Commercialization of the Company’s first in house products.


BMD’s development into activities to complement research and development and production.


BMD is founded.