In order to meet the growing demand of laboratories wishing to automate manual techniques and to provide solutions to all laboratories, whatever their technical level and volumes, Theradiag has developed a range of instruments dedicated to autoimmunity and infectious diseases testing.

First of all, the Theralis ™ range makes it easy to automate from the primary tube to the result:

  • Immunofluorescent Assays (IFA) 
  • the FIDIS ™ multiplex range (Luminex® Xmap® technology)

Compact, flexible and modular, these instruments ensure accurate results while increasing the productivity of your laboratory.

FIDIS ™ technology, ideal for laboratories with a large number of analyzes to perform and looking for the best solution combining rapid techniques, standardization of protocols, quality and reliability of results.

Theradiag also distributes Dynex ELISA platforms and has developed a recognized expertise in automating its range of products on various platforms.