i-Track10: A step forwards in personalized medicine

  • 1st random-access solution with continuous loading for the therapeutic follow-up of patients treated with biotherapies
  • 1st solution combining the latest generation chemical-luminescence instrument with reference Tracker products
  • 1st solution with an unmatched time to result, the clinician could henceforth quickly adjust the treatment

Measurement of drug level and anti-drug antibodies

Quantitative measurement

A full range of tests available

Results in less than one hour


High throughput


STAT function at any time

Samples can be loaded and unloaded at any time


Automated startup, QC run and instrument shutdown


Self maintenance


True walkaway system

Compliant with most demands of accredited  laboratories

Automated rules for rerun and dilutions

Full traceability

Complete QC results follow-up

Remote control capabilities



Limited waste and increased energetic efficiency


Limited use of plastic compared to ELISA

Consolidate TDM of Biologics in the core lab

Plug the instrument to Inpeco Laboratory Automation Solutions (FlexLab)

STAT function still directly available even when plugged to LAS

The i-Track10 in pictures

i-Track10: principle of Chemiluminescence assay


Chemiluminescence is the emission of light resulting from a chemical reaction. Sequential addition of Trigger A (H2O2) and Trigger B (NaOH) results in oxidation and excitation of the acridinium ester then return to a steady state and lower energy level generating the emission of light. The light intensity increases rapidly, reaches a maximum then decreases and disappears in a few seconds.