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While the market of the in vitro diagnostics is in full remodeling (merging of medical analysis laboratories and tightening of economic measures imposed by the health authorities), it is all the more important for a company such as ours to supply innovative and efficient diagnostic solutions adapted to the needs of the laboratories.

Thanks to our experience of developer and marketer for more than 25 years, we are recognized as one of the main leaders in autoimmunity and multiplexing with a complete and evolving range of reagents (from Immunofluorescence to the FIDIS multiplex platform and ELISA). Theradiag pursues its strategy of development by offering a wide panel of niche products, diversified and of quality (Allergy, Microbiology, Quality controls) backed on flexible automated platforms that meet the requirements of traceability, connectivity, high output and accreditation. Theradiag evolves and also refocuses its distribution activity on unique specialized tests, in genetics that bring real technical advances that are central to the laboratory.