14/11/2017 : Theradiag and Biogen sign a partnership agreement

Lisa Tracker monitoring kits will be provided with the Flixab biosimilar   Croissy-Beaubourg and Montpellier, November 14, 2017, 6:00pm CET – THERADIAG (ISIN code: FR0004197747, Ticker: ALTER) a company specialized in in vitro diagnostics and theranostics, is today announcing that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Biogen to provide its LISA TRACKER kits for monitoring Flixabi® (an infliximab biosimilar). Biogen, which specializes in therapies for patients with neurological, autoimmune and rare diseases, is a US biotechnology company with expertise in manufacturing and marketing biodrugs. Since 2016, it has marketed in France two biosimilar drugs including Flixabi®, contributing to efforts to keep healthcare costs under control. As a result, Biogen will now be able to supply LISA TRACKER monitoring kits in the competitive tenders in which it participates in France and other European countries to optimize the treatment of patients receiving Flixabi®. Flixabi® is a biosimilar of infliximab (Remicade®), a molecule indicated in the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Under this agreement, Theradiag will be Biogen’s preferred supplier of infliximab monitoring kits. Theradiag will also handle implementation, provide training to laboratories in how to use kits and follow up on clinician requests concerning monitoring. Biogen has previously validated the use of LISA TRACKER kits for monitoring Flixabi®. “This agreement with Biogen advances our strategy of developing together with pharmaceutical groups and provides further evidence of their interest in our monitoring kits. It will also enable us to continue Lisa Tracker’s commercial development biotherapy monitoring, especially in France with the supply of LISA TRACKER kits by Biogen to all the hospitals served by AGEPS[1], which chose Flixabi® in its latest Infliximab tender”, commented Michel Finance, Theradiag’s Chief Executive Officer.   About Theradiag Capitalizing on its expertise in the distribution, development and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic tests, Theradiag innovates and develops theranostics tests (combining treatment and diagnosis) that measure the efficiency of biotherapies in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, cancer and AIDS. Theradiag notably markets the Lisa Tracker® range (CE marked), which is a comprehensive multiparameter theranostic solution for patients with autoimmune diseases treated with biotherapies. With its subsidiary Prestizia, Theradiag is developing new biomarkers based on microRNAs for the diagnosis and monitoring of rectal cancer, auto-immune and inflammatory diseases and HIV/AIDS. Theradiag is thus participating in the development of customized treatment, which favors the individualization of treatments, the evaluation of their efficacy and the prevention of drug resistance. The Company is based in Marne-la-Vallée, near Paris, and in Montpellier, and has over 70 employees. For more information about Theradiag, please visit our website: www.theradiag.com
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[1] AGEPS – General Healthcare Equipment and Products Agency. The AGEPS implements AP‑HP’s healthcare equipment and product procurement Policy.