13/02/2020 : Excellent results generated by new i-Tracker® kits presented at ECCO Congress

TRACKER, a comprehensive range on the market allowing all patients treated with Infliximab to be monitored

Croissy-Beaubourg, February 13, 2020, 5:45pm CET – THERADIAG (ISIN: FR0004197747, Ticker: ALTER), a company specializing in in vitro diagnostics and theranostics, has obtained conclusive results from its new i-Tracker Infliximab and i-Tracker Anti-Infliximab tests, which were presented at the ECCO (European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation) Annual Congress on chronic inflammatory bowel disease held in Vienna (Austria) from February 12-15, 2020.

Revived interest in monitoring kits

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) specialists from all over the world attended the 15th ECCO Annual Congress to present the latest scientific community publications on the topic. The growing use of monitoring kits in a large number of centers testifies to their efficiency and utility in monitoring and rapidly adjusting the treatment administered for these diseases, which were given extensive coverage at this year’s ECCO congress.

Infliximab is a widely used biotherapy for the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. In order to improve monitoring for biotherapy-treated patients, Theradiag developed the Tracker® range, the most complete range of such products available on the market. Theradiag subsequently announced the completion of its latest generation of innovative products, the i-Tracker® kits designed to be compatible with the i-Track10 random access automated analyzer. The authorization granted by the ECCO Congress for publication of the clinical results generated by i-Tracker Infliximab and i-Tracker Anti-Infliximab demonstrates the interest and recognition of the scientific community for this new product line.

Excellent results obtained for the monitoring of Infliximab

The accuracy and efficiency of the new i-Tracker Infliximab and i-Tracker Anti-Infliximab kits were demonstrated thanks to their rapid quantification of different samples of Infliximab and Anti-Infliximab antibodies, fully automated via the i-Track10 analyzer. These innovative tests, which have been standardized in accordance with the first international WHO standard for Infliximab, deliver accurate and reproducible results over an accelerated timeframe, allowing clinicians to adjust their treatment immediately.

Theradiag CEO Bertrand de Castelnau said: “We are delighted to present our results at the ECCO Congress. The quality of the data obtained opens up new avenues for improving treatment for IBD patients.  The results further confirm the merits of our i-Tracker® test range designed to allow clinicians to individually monitor drug therapy, in line with the quality of the results and the effectiveness of the i-Track10 solution developed by Theradiag.”  


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About Theradiag

Capitalizing on its expertise in the distribution, development and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic tests, Theradiag innovates and develops theranostics tests (combining treatment and diagnosis) that measure the efficiency of biotherapies in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer. Theradiag is thus participating in the development of customized treatment, which favors the individualization of treatments, the evaluation of their efficacy and the prevention of drug resistance. Theradiag notably markets the Lisa Tracker® range (CE marked), which is a comprehensive multiparameter theranostic solution for patients with autoimmune diseases treated with biotherapies. The Company is based in Marne-la-Vallée, near Paris, and has over 60 employees.

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