20/02/2019 : Theradiag reports annual revenues for 2018 and its year-end cash position

  • Consolidated 2018 revenues: €8.9 million
  • Continued growth in sales of Lisa Tracker® kits for routine use: 17%
  • Cash position: €3.4 million


Croissy-Beaubourg, February 20, 2019, 5.45pm CET – THERADIAG (ISIN: FR0004197747, Ticker: ALTER), a company specialiazing in in vitro diagnostics and theranostics, announced today its consolidated full-year revenues for 2018 and its cash position at December 31, 2018, figures which are currently being audited.

Consolidated 2018 revenue: €8.9 million

in € ‘000s   December 31, 2018   December 31, 2017   Change
Revenues[1]   8,912   9,058   -2%
      of which Theranostics   4,010   4,182   -4%
          of which LISA TRACKER® kits in routine use   3,884   3,327   +17%
      of which IVD   4,901   4,875   +1%

In the year to December 31, 2018, Theradiag generated consolidated revenues of €8.9 million, from €9.0 million in 2017. Activity over the year was affected by the drop in theranostics revenues, which did not see exceptional orders in the first half of the year, whereas in the first half of 2017 revenues were boosted by strong activity levels following the signature of agreements with pharmaceutical companies.

Thus 96% of theranostics revenues was generated by the sale of kits for routine use, which grew by 17% relative to 2017. Export sales of theranostic kits for routine use grew by 19%.

Revenues from IVD were stable, rising 1%.

“Despite the absence of non-recurrent sales in 2018, overall revenues were stable and the sales of LISA TRACKER® kits for routine use continued to rise both in France and in export markets, with total growth of 17%. This reflects continued market penetration and the growing use of routine monitoring of patients, driven in particular by the development of biotherapies for chronic conditions. Over the year, Theradiag is likely to maintain the trends established and approach breakeven.” commented Bertrand de Castelnau, CEO of Theradiag.

Cash position

At December 31, 2018 the Group had net cash of €3.4 million, compared to €5.2 million a year earlier.

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Full year earnings 2018: March 27, 2019

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About Theradiag

Capitalizing on its expertise in the distribution, development and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic tests, Theradiag innovates and develops theranostics tests (combining treatment and diagnosis) that measure the efficiency of biotherapies in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer. Theradiag is thus participating in the development of customized treatment, which favors the individualization of treatments, the evaluation of their efficacy and the prevention of drug resistance. Theradiag notably markets the Lisa Tracker® range (CE marked), which is a comprehensive multiparameter theranostic solution for patients with autoimmune diseases treated with biotherapies. The Company is based in Marne-la-Vallée, near Paris, and has over 65 employees.

For more information about Theradiag, please visit our website: www.theradiag.com


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[1]Figures under audit