In order to meet the increasing demand from laboratories wishing to automate manual techniques as well as offering automated solutions for any kind of laboratories whatever their technical level and volumes, Theradiag has developed a range of instruments dedicated to auto-immunity and infectious diseases.

First of all, the CARIS™ range enables easy automation of Immuno-Fluorescence (IFI), the multiplex FIDIS™ panel and ELISA plate techniques using the primary tube. Compacts, flexible and modular, CARIS™ and CARIS™ µ guarantee precise results while increasing your laboratory’s productivity.

Theradiag offers the up market of autoimmunity with the FIDIS™ range (Luminex® xMAP® technology) ideal for laboratories having large number of analyses to perform and looking for the best solution combining high trhoughput technique, standardized protocols, quality and reliability of the results. With its FIDIS™ offer, Theradiag propose a broad range of multiplex analyses for auto-immune disease and infectious disease diagnostics and cytokine analysis.

To complement the instrumentation range, Theradiag markets the closed automated system Chorus™ which is a multi-parameter analyser dedicated to auto-immunity and infectious disease. The Chorus™ analyser guarantees the laboratory with simultaneous, rapid and reliable processing of 30 analyses.