• Further validation of the value added by LISA TRACKER tests for monitoring treatments in rheumatoid arthritis patients with a loss of response
  • Results presented at the American College of Rheumatology’s (ACR) Annual Meeting

Croissy-Beaubourg, December 8, 2015 – Theradiag (ISIN: FR0004197747; Ticker: ALTER), a company specializing in theranostics and in vitro diagnostics, announced today that the latest results of the ROC[1] trial (Rotation of anti-TNF Or Change of class of biologic), presented to the Annual Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), demonstrate the interest of monitoring biotherapies in patients with a loss of response to guide the choice of a second line of treatment.

The ROC trial was interpreted taking the DAS28 index into account. These latest results confirmed that the dosage of anti-drug antibodies helps to guide the choice of a second line of biotherapy and thus gain a better response to the second treatment based on each patient’s profile. In addition, these results confirm the algorithms presented for patients with a loss of response, whether or not they have been immunised.

The monitoring in this trial was partially performed with Lisa Tracker kits.

The results of this trial were presented at the ACR, which was held from 8 to 11 November, and are available at: http://acrabstracts.org/abstract/interest-of-assessing-anti-drug-antibodies-for-the-choice-between-a-second-anti-tnf-and-a-non-tnf-targeted-biologic-in-patients-with-inadequate-response-to-a-first-anti-tnf-results-f/

These recent results are highly encouraging and provide further demonstration of the benefits of using Lisa Tracker tests in rheumatology to provide personalised medicine for every patient and particularly for those showing a loss of response, while reducing costs”, comments Michel Finance, Chief Executive Officer of Theradiag.


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Capitalizing on its expertise in the distribution, development and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic tests, Theradiag innovates and develops theranostics tests (combining treatment and diagnosis) that measure the efficiency of biotherapies in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, cancer and AIDS. Theradiag notably markets the Lisa Tracker® range (CE marked), which is a comprehensive multiparameter theranostic solution for patients with autoimmune diseases treated with biotherapies. With its subsidiary Prestizia, Theradiag is developing new biomarkers based on microRNAs for the diagnosis and monitoring of rectal cancer, auto-immune and inflammatory diseases and HIV/AIDS. Theradiag is thus participating in the development of customized treatment, which favors the individualization of treatments, the evaluation of their efficacy and the prevention of drug resistance. The Company is based in Marne-la-Vallée, near Paris, and in Montpellier, and has over 75 employees.

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[1] The initial results of the ROC trial – randomised trial on close to 300 patients – had demonstrated the superiority of a non‑TNF-targeted biologic compared with a second anti-TNF agent in rheumatoid arthritis patients with a loss of response to the therapy.