Chorus™ is a multi-parameter analyser dedicated to auto-immunity and infectious disease.

The Chorus™ analyser guarantees for the laboratory simultaneous, rapid and reliable processing of 30 analyses.

Chorus™ is a compact (66x45x52 cm) semi-automated system based on immuno-enzyme detection and on complement fixation.

Simple, economical and reliable

The Chorus™ analyser uses the recognition between antigens and antibodies, thus making it possible to quantify the presence of an antigen or an antibody in a sample. The cartridges are ready for use and disposable: they contain the quantities of reagents required for the test. There are no hidden or additional reagent costs.
The system is capable of analysing 30 parameters in 80 minutes; the first result can be read in 45 minutes.
To use the system, nothing could be easier! Simply deposit the serum under test into a cartridge, insert it into the machine and press the “run” button. The other operations (identification, dilutions, pipetting, washing and reading of results) are activated automatically.

Safety and traceability

Each cartridge has a barcode identifying the test to be carried out; therefore, there is no programming error risk.
The Chorus™ system is bidirectional and can be connected to the L.I.S.

In addition, each Chorus™ is equipped as standard with a thermal printer. Finally, the Chorus™ automatically stores the results obtained in the last 20 test cycles in memory.