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The ideal solution to perform your IFA, ELISA & FIDIS™ multiplex assays

The CARIS™ range automated platform provide a fully automated solution for the IFA and ELISA techniques, as well as for the FIDIS™ high-throughput multiplex technology.

One system: multiple applications

CARIS™ systems are compact, flexible and modular, adaptable to the laboratory’s activity and offering reliable and precise results with a maximum productivity.

CARIS™ • 4 needles • 20 IFA slides • ELISA • FIDIS™

The CARIS™ 4 needles automated system provides a rapid and precise solution for all the steps of IFA, ELISA and FIDIS™ assays (e.g.  dilution and distribution of the samples and reagents, etc). The 4 needles system offers exceptional capacity and excellent productivity for laboratories. A complete traceability is ensured at each step of the analysis, from the positive identification of patients to the analysis itself and the transmission of the results via the LIS.

Thanks to its exemplary modularity, the system can be adapted to all laboratory activities (optional racks, agitator, incubator, reader, etc.)

CARIS™µ • 1 needle • 15 IFA slides • ELISA • FIDIS™

The CARIS™µ automated system offers the same safety, modularity and reliability as the 4 needles system, but in a more compact format. It is intended for laboratories with moderate activity.