Because molecular biology is today essential in the clinical laboratories, Theradiag focuses on the commercialization of genetic tests applicable to a large area such as the diagnostic of infectious diseases, oncology, predictive medicine, or the theranostic. Molecular biology provides the laboratories with a gain of convenience and time, offering greater sensitivity and reliability than conventional methods.

Theradiag shows this will of development in this fast growing segment through the partnership concluded in 2010 with Asuragen, specialized in the development of molecular biology tests including the AmplideX™ products line dedicated to the diagnosis of the Fragile X syndrome, the monitoring of the patients treated for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (quantification of BCR/ABL1 transcripts) and other products in the oncogenetic field such as KRAS/BRAF genotyping.

Theradiag consolidates this development strategy in the molecular biology with the acquisition of a microRNA platform in order to commercialize its own molecular biology kits in the coming years.