In a context of increased regulatory requirements for the quality control in the laboratories, Theradiag assists you by offering a full range of quality control tools for the monitoring of the performances of your diagnostic test in auto-immunity.


IMMUNO-TROL: Unique multi-parametric quality control in autoimmunity

IMMUNO-TROL are unique multi-parametric precision controls in autoimmunity. They are intended to ensure daily control assessment of a range of autoimmune immunoassay methodologies (DOT, ELISA and FIDIS).

Liquid controls and ready to use, they allow validation and monitoring of your techniques over time as well as the control of your analytic systems performance. These controls are universals and independent of the reagents used.  There are now 5 different Immuno-trol products available in a convenient format of 2 x 0,5 ml and covering the main autoimmune parameters.


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QUAL-IMAGE: Immunofluorescence pattern identification by electronic means.

QUAL-IMAGE is a new educational tool developed by Theradiag and dedicated to the laboratory staff qualification and in-service training in auto-immunity.

QUAL-IMAGE offers an innovative approach for the training, evaluation and optimization of the staff skills by proposing immunofluorescence pattern identification through the sending of high resolution pictures.

Four programs are available for the pattern identification on HEp-2 cells, triple substrate, human granulocytes and esophagus tissue.


QUAL-IMMUN: External Quality Control Program

QUAL-IMMUN is an External Quality Control Program in autoimmunity proposed in collaboration with the CTCB (Toulouse Center for quality Control in Clinical Biology). Theradiag brings its know-how in samples manufacturing and the CTCB its experience and independence for the treatment of the results.

Each program comprises two surveys per year with 3 samples for each survey. Four programs cover the main indications in auto-immunity (ANA, ENA, TS, APS, FR, CCP …).

Results of each consultation are submitted to participants with a statistic report accompanied by comments of from an expert in auto-immunity.

QUAL-IMMUN is an essential measurement tool allowing:

  • Confirmation performances of your  method of dosage
  • Comparaison of your results within a group of peers