Autoimmunity: Innovation adapted to your needs

Autoimmune diseases represent the third cause of morbidity after cardiovascular diseases and cancers. This is a set of diseases that differ in their clinical expression and in the organs concerned, but which have in common a same mechanism:  an immune system disorder against substances or tissues normally present in the organism.

Auto-antibodies directed against body components are produced. Their detection constitutes an important tool for the diagnostic and sometimes prognostic of some autoimmune diseases.

Thanks to its expertise in the development of diagnostic kits in autoimmunity, Theradiag offers a complete range of reagents, controls and automated system to orientate the autoimmune diseases diagnostic with:

  • Quality and performance to ensure reliable results  and orientate the diagnostic precisely.
  • Innovation, expending continuously the panel of our markers by integrating new parameters for personalized diagnostic and patients monitoring.
  • Service, in order to provide you with our expertise through a reliable support and our authorized training center.

Attentive to your needs, Theradiag develops its products on innovative technologies adapted to your laboratory’s activities:


FIDISTM kits developed by Theradiag on the xMAP® technology allow a simultaneous and specific detection of multiple analytes from the same sample in a single assay. Compared to the conventional IFA or ELISA format, the FIDIS™ technology and its automation on the CARIS™ platform allows the laboratory to perform analysis more rapidly and at lower cost than with conventional kit formats and with optimum reliability. Theradiag has developed a comprehensive range of commercially available tests on xMAP technology for the diagnosis of auto-immune pathologies and also continues to offer an extended panel in infectious serology, and for the measurement of human cytokines.


Immunofluorescence remains the reference assay for the screening of auto-antibodies. Theradiag offers immunofluorescence tests to screen and identify the main auto-antibodies (ANA, ANCA, TS, organs specifics auto-antibodies) with optimized protocols for easy results interpretation and simplified adaptation on CARIS™ instruments range.


Theradiag offers a complete range of well-proven ELISA tests. The majority of these tests presents a standardized protocol and shares several common reagents, favoring a simple and effective automation. This standardization allows the user to perform several tests simultaneously on the same plate, thus maximizing the ELISA assays.


Chorus™ system is a compact multi-parametric analyzer dedicated to the performance of ELISA assay on a unit basis, using ready to use tests devices. Thanks to its unique panel of tests in autoimmunity and infectious serology and a complete traceability, Chorus™ system allows performing routine analysis and less common parameters with an optimum flexibility and security.


Our immunoblot tests allow the simultaneous detection of antibodies against several antigens biochemically characterized and fixed on a strip. These assays enable the identification, on a case by case basis or in series, of an important number of antibodies, easily and quickly.